Scaling-out WordPress – Performance Measures – CPU Generation influence

Hardware generation CPU result overview

Results overview

As I use different generation Hardware to host the VM, I am wondering what could be the influence of the generation of the CPU. A VM with 2 VCPU on a I7 860 @2800 Mhz (2009 Generation, server ade-esxi-03) should run faster than a VM on a Q6600 @2400 Mhz (2007 Generation, server ade-esxi-02).

Not only the CPU is different between the 2 servers, the RAM generation also differs : DDR2@800 and DDR3@1066. Despite the CPU and the RAM, I assume that the others elements (MainBoard, Disks, …) should have minimal impact on the tests as the MainBoard generally represents a few percentage in the difference of performance and the workload is not tied to the IO.
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